130 million girls around the world are missing from classrooms.

- UNESCO 2016


We are Girl Rising.


A global campaign for girls' education & empowerment

Our mission is to change the way the world values girls and to ensure girls everywhere can be full and equal participants in society.


Girl Rising works to get girls in schools because we know it's the best way to end global poverty.


How We Work

An educated girl is more likely to stay healthy, save money, build a business, have fewer and healthier children, innovate community solutions and educate her sons and daughters equally. Yet, millions of girls face barriers that prevent them from attending school that boys do not.



We produce stories about ordinary but extraordinary girls - as films, TV and radio programs, curriculum, and storybooks - providing a new and different vision for a girls’ future.


Global Partnerships

We partner with companies, governments, non-profits, schools, celebrities, global leaders and citizens to drive change for girls around the globe.



We customize our content for schools and nonprofits, enhancing their efforts to educate and engage young people and to create measurable change, community by community.


Over 5 billion (and counting) global media impressions.


Our Background

Years ago, a team of former journalists set out to answer the question: How do you end global poverty? The powerful truth they uncovered was that educating girls is the single best way to achieve that goal. Yet, millions of girls are missing from classrooms, facing barriers that boys don't: early marriage, sex trafficking, domestic slavery and gender-based violence.

In 2013, we released the film Girl Rising, which showcased girls from around the world affected by the power of education – or lack thereof. Today, through mass media campaigns and community-led partnerships, we use storytelling to inspire girls to create a different future and bring people together in a shared mission to create transformational change in the way girls are valued.


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