Frequently asked questions
Here are some questions often asked of Girl Rising speakers/hosts at screening events.


What is Girl Rising?

Girl Rising is a non-profit organization that uses the power of storytelling to break down the barriers that prevent girls from becoming equal members of society. We partner with like-minded leaders and organizations worldwide to create stories that lead to transformational change in the way girls are valued.

What is the difference between the Fifth Year Anniversary Edition and the Original Girl Rising Film?

The Fifth Anniversary Edition of Girl Rising features new narration from actor and girls’ education advocate David Oyelowo, as well as updated data on girls’ education, and "Where Are They Now" videos of the nine girls featured in the film.

How can I see the Fifth Year Anniversary Edition?

The Girl Rising Fifth Anniversary Edition is available on the Girl Rising website. Get your copy now!

Where is Girl Rising based?

Girl Rising has offices in New York and Los Angeles.

What type of projects does Girl Rising do around the world?

Girl Rising has active projects in over five countries around the world; all geared towards advancing a future where every girl has the opportunity to go to school, stay in school, and reach her full potential. Learn more here.

How do I get involved?

Host a screening: Sometimes the best place to start is to host a Brave Girl Rising screening for your family, friends or community. If you like, you can show the film alongside the original stories of Girl Rising. Learn how here.

Join us on social media: Follow Girl Rising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and add your voice using #girlrising.

Donate to the Girl Rising-IRC joint fund: Your donation — no matter the size — means a great deal to us. Donate here.

My company has a major gift program. Can I register GR as a beneficiary?

Yes! Girl Rising is a 501(c)(3) (EIN: 82-2862554) and able to receive matching gift funds. Check with your employer's HR department to complete the necessary paperwork.


Brave Girl Rising tells the story of Nasro. How was she chosen?

Warsan Shire, the poet behind Brave Girl Rising, was the one who chose Dadaab Refugee Camp as the location for this film. She wanted to tell the story of Somali refugees, a population she feels have been long-forgotten.

With the support of the International Rescue Committee, Girl Rising traveled to the camp and meet with over a hundred girls and conducted about 25 one-on-one video interviews. We then brought all the material to Warsan with some thoughts about our top choices, and she immediately fell in love with Nasro.

Why did Girl Rising decide to make a film about refugee girls?

More than 68 million people are displaced today. It is the worst humanitarian crisis of our lifetime. Less than 9% of percent of refugee girls attend secondary school in low income countries making them some of the most vulnerable girls in the world. Our hope is that as people become more aware of the problem, they will be inspired to get involved and take action.

Do I need a license if I want to host my own screening?

Individuals and nonprofits can host screenings without licenses. Corporations need a corporate performance license.

Is there a school curriculum that goes along with the film?

Yes! The Brave Girl Rising curriculum for middle school and high school gives teachers easy-to-use tools to develop a sense of local responsibility and global citizenship. Learn more!

Is it available in other languages and is there an option to put on captions?

Yes! Closed captions of Brave Girl Rising are available in Arabic, English, French, Hindi, Simplified Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Traditional Chinese.

Where can I learn more about refugee issues?

How can I donate to the Brave Girl Rising Campaign? Where does the money go?

You can donate to the Girl Rising-IRC joint fund. Donate today. To learn more about Girl Rising’s work and how to support it, visit its page here. To learn more about IRC’s work and how to support it, visit its page here.

Your donation supports the IRC’s global work with women and girls, and Girl Rising's ongoing campaign to advance investment and support for girls’ education, empowerment and equality. Girl Rising and IRC are both 501(c)(3) not for profit organizations. Thank you for your support!

How does Girl Rising support Nasro?

Girl Rising has committed to support Nasro in the pursuit of her education. We are working together with the IRC and other partners to do so in the most appropriate manner. Please email us directly should you want to help:

How can I support Nasro?

You can support girls like Nasro by donating to Girl Rising’s joint fund with the International Rescue Committee. Donate today.