Animated_logo_long (23.98 fps)

For stand-alone chapters
& custom cuts

Animated_logo_country (23.98 fps)

For stand-alone chapters
(see "Nepal Chapter" below)

(23.98 fps & 29.97 fps)

Used for social media videos


In Final Cut Pro, set the Alpha to "black" - birds should continue to fly over
the following clip text card. See example below:


Own_the_film (23.98 fps)

Used to end stand-alone chapters
and an alternative bump-out for social media videos.

Join_Us (23.98 fps and 29.97 fps)

Default bump-out for social media videos.

Custom_cut_bump (23.98 fps)

Used to end custom cuts.

If making a custom bump-out, use this template.

First 4 seconds or so should be Girl Rising's tagline "One girl with courage is a revolution." The custom text should appear after the tagline has faded out.

I. Text should be Proxima Nova in GR Bone color
II. Background should continue to be textured red
III. Maximum 2 text cards after tagline
IV. For best readability, keep to maximum of 225 characters (not including spaces)