Proud to partner with Citi

The Girl Rising-Citi partnership builds on GR’s success using storytelling to inspire change and Citi’s commitment to enabling growth and progress in communities across the globe.


Our work together began in 2017 with our mutual commitment to ensuring young people in the United States have the skills they need to become empowered individuals in a rapidly changing world. We brought Girl Rising to additional schools around the country, expanded our web platform for educators, and added exciting new materials to our existing curriculum.

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In 2018, we’re embarking on a new journey: galvanizing attention and action for refugees.  Over 68.5 million people across the globe have been forcibly displaced, and through their stories we hope to shed  light on the  courageous women and girls seeking an accessible pathway to safety, education and empowerment.

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The Financial Empowerment Module

Managing money is critical to independence, yet most young people receive little or no financial education. Our new module, created by the Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center at the George Washington University, is designed to ensure that young people have the skills they need to become empowered individuals in a rapidly changing world.

Using the stories of Girl Rising, these lessons encourage self-efficacy and teach concepts of financial literacy to students in upper elementary, middle and high school.

Getting Started

Project Based Lessons 

The Opportunity Cost and Evaluating Needs versus Wants lessons are aligned for upper elementary through high school. Gaining Financial Empowerment is designed for use with middle through high school students. The lessons may be paired with Wadley, Senna and Ruksana's stories from Girl Rising, available for free with our curriculum.

Downloadable Worksheets 

Designed to pair with the project based lessons, these worksheets can be printed and shared.

Fact Sheets 

Enhance student learning with additional context around two themes.


See the curriculum in action in the video below:


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Every day girls around the world are denied an equal chance at an education. 130 million girls are missing from classrooms. Now we want you to join the movement! Whether you have 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 5 days, join the movement and share with friends and family how we all can make a difference. Feel free to use the suggested text as a starting point for when you share the images.


No country in the world has achieved gender equality, but progress is possible. Take a look at the inspiring work from @GirlRising and how we can help! #IAmChange #Citi


If just 10% more girls went to school, a country’s GDP would grow by 3%. Help make this possible. #GirlRising #IAmChange #Citi


Girls are missing from classrooms around the world. Take a look at the inspiring work from @GirlRising and how we can help! #IAmChange #Citi

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Through the expansion of the Girl Rising U.S. Educator Program, we inspired thousands of girls and boys to see the world beyond their borders, while deepening their sense of personal power, local responsibility, and global citizenship. Citi is also serving as a leadership sponsor for the next phase of Girl Rising media content, galvanizing global attention and action in support of refugee girls, gender equality, and empowerment.