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Register for the Girl Rising Curriculum

Including the brand new Brave Girl Rising module and more!


Girl Rising helps young people develop a sense of local responsibility and global citizenship and gives teachers easy to use tools to engage their students. Sign up here to get:

  • Six free film chapters: Nasro from Dadaab (from the new film Brave Girl Rising), Sokha from Cambodia, Wadley from Haiti, Suma from Nepal, Senna from Peru, and Ruksana from India.

  • U.S. Common Core-aligned lesson plans suitable for coursework from Upper Elementary, Middle and High School students

  • A series of teacher’s guides and fact sheets that provide context and background information

  • Project based lessons designed to work with multiple film chapters.

  • An assessment tool to measure student learning

  • Additional resources and Take Action guides - to further learning, spark discussion and support students motivated to do more

  • The Financial Empowerment Module, created in partnership with Citi, designed to introduce students to financial literacy skills that will help them become empowered adults

  • The opportunity to join a growing movement of thousands of advocates who have registered to bring Girl Rising to classrooms in 120+ countries

As you think about how you will introduce your students to GR, please view the full film or chapters, consider which issues you’d like your students to explore, how much time you have to teach this curriculum, and if there are additional resources that may be available to enhance the experience for your students.


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