Simone Ortiz Breiting

  • Student
  • Grade: 8th grade
  • School: Einstein Middle School
  • Location: Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Girl Rising materials used: Film and Book

Simone hosted a Girl Rising screening in her homeroom so she and her fellow students could learn about the barriers that prevent girls around the world from receiving an education. She went on to host a fundraiser; all of the proceeds went to organizations working to improve girls' access to education. 

What was your goal in bringing Girl Rising to your school?

My goal was to get educated about girls around the world and how to best help them. My other goal was trying to inform as many people as people about what is happening outside of the U.S.

What action did you take after learning about Girl Rising? 

After we learned about Girl Rising by reading the book and watching the film in homeroom, we sold pink hair extensions for $10. All of the money that we raised went to help girls all over the world.

What was your main take away from Girl Rising? 

The main takeaway for me was I shouldn't take things for granted. Not everyone gets the education they need and even though I complain about school a lot, I am still very grateful that I get to be educated and have parents that would do anything for me.