Tammy Rinkenberger

  • Teacher
  • Grade: 7th 
  • School: Cooper Academy
  • Location: Fresno, California

Tammy uses Girl Rising to help frame project-based lessons that draw attention to the barriers many girls around the world must overcome to attain an education and to motivate her students to be global citizens.

How did you use Girl Rising? 

Our Girl Rising Unit is five weeks long (thirteen block class days). During this unit, we watched Senna, Suma and Ruksana’s stories in class and identified the barriers they faced. Students also had to complete numerous projects and assignments. Examples include:

  • Paper Doll Mini Lesson: For this project, students are given several dolls, which have various meanings. One doll represents themselves while other dolls highlight key quotes and statistics with one doll also meant to represent a woman in each student’s life that has had a positive impact. See examples below. 
  • Historical Figure Notes and Trading Card: students took notes on four women who have changed the world (based on a list of 100 women from the Time Life magazine special edition) then created a “trading card” for one of the women.
  • Summative project: Students were introduced to the summative project options by completing three class projects:
    • A lesson on Fair Trade and Fundraising

    • Displaying the Numbers/Public Art

    • Supporting a Revolution/Poetry

Students then formed teams of 2-4 students and selected a project:

  • Fundraiser (donate to an organization that helps girls/women become educated)
  • Public Art
  • Public Poetry/Song

Was there an awareness raising component to your Girl Rising unit?

Our classes created three separate installations as part of our Public Art Unit using the statistic “every 30 seconds, 13 girls under the age of 18 are married.” Below is a video of the installation.


We also hosted a Girl Rising Movie Night at our school where students oversaw food booths to raise funds. We offered to babysit for parents, who were encouraged to attend along with students; we ended up with 96 people attending. All of the proceeds raised were donated to Girl Rising, KIVA, Let Girls Learn, International Rescue Committee and Care.

What was the impact of Girl Rising?

We collected reflections from the attendees of the Girl Rising Movie Night. Here are some of their responses:

  •  “I want my entire family, including grandchildren to see this film!”-- parent
  •  “I’m inspired to take action to help stop this issue. Also, I want to help inform people about this issue.”-- student