Anna Joujan-Goss

  • Teacher
  • Grade: 6-12 (as a French teacher) and kindergarten-6th (in her current role as a librarian)
  • School: American International School
  • Location: Accra, Ghana

Anna is an educator who previously used Girl Rising in her classroom to help her students improve their French while also learning about girls' education. In her current role as school librarian, she continues to encourage and shape how other educators can use Girl Rising within their own classrooms.  

What was your goal in bringing Girl Rising into your classroom?

I wanted to broaden the perspectives of my students. They are already highly international, but most have little experience with countries (like Afghanistan, where I used to teach) where education is not easily accessible. I think it is vital for young people to see the reality that not all children are given ready access to education. Without this understanding, children fall into complacency and take learning for granted . . . but when they really “get it,” their eyes are opened so as to create excitement for the gift of learning.


How did you use and teach Girl Rising?

When I was teaching French to high school students, I would use chapters of Girl Rising with French subtitles as a way for my students to practice their vocabulary and as listening exercises. It also served as an opportunity for students to learn about young people in other parts of the world.

Now as my school's librarian, I continue to refer teachers to Girl Rising when recommending resources to supplement their lesson plans. 

Which parts of the Girl Rising curriculum did you use? 

I used the following chapters: 

  • Suma from Nepal
  • Senna from Peru
Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.59.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.58.58 PM.png

 Both of the chapters that Leslie used are free with the Girl Rising curriculum.

What was the impact of Girl Rising?

My own students' eyes were opened to a bigger world than their own. And the entire school now benefits as I share your work with both elementary and secondary teachers, spreading the wealth of Girl Rising to our small, but a highly diverse body of students. We have children from Western and Southern Africa, from China, Korea, and Japan, from Ireland, the UK, and United States.