Lucas Tedone

Lucas founded a GR club at his high school to inspire others and to support efforts working to ensure girls around the world have access to an education. The club created a Starter Kit to provide the tools and foundation that will help students start a Girl Rising club in their school or community

  • Student
  • Grade: 11th
  • School: Millennium High School
  • Location: New York, NY

What was your initial goal in bringing Girl Rising to your school?

I wanted to build awareness about Girl Rising, and to use this club to inspire others around the world to start Girl Rising clubs at their middle or high school. The ripple effect from one person’s efforts can have an exponential impact. The work that I am doing is in memory of my sister Sydney whose dream was to work with Girl Rising and to help girls around the world receive an education. 

How did you use Girl Rising?

I used the power of storytelling to emphasize Girl Rising’s impact. The stories I showed sparked interest and discussions, which led to more students joining the club and being willing to devote their time to Girl Rising.

What Girl Rising tools did you use (i.e., film, book)?

I screened “Chapters” from the Girl Rising Film, and used resources from the website, such as the “Take Action Guide” and the “Fact Sheet.” These tools encouraged involvement and helped spread awareness.  

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Has your club hosted a fundraiser?

The Girl Rising Club hosted a bake sale at Millennium High School to raise $110.00 for A New Day Cambodia School (ANDC), the school that rescued Sokha from the garbage dump in Phnom Penh. As part of this fundraiser, the GR club wrote cards and sent small gifts, including magic markers, colored pencils, diaries, and more.. Knowing that the money we raised went directly to ANDC was a huge inspiration to everyone in the club. 

For update on Sokha, click here

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What was your main takeaway from Girl Rising?

I have the potential and ability to have a global impact, and to truly make a difference. Also, I understand the urgency and need for action to ensure that girls around the world receive an education. Photos of students at ANDC receiving their holiday gifts can be found below.