Jasmine Berger

Jasmine hosted a Girl Rising screening as a fundraiser at her school to celebrate International Women's Day and was able to raise over $2,000. 

  • Grade: 11th
  • School: Roslyn High School
  • Location: Roslyn, New York

What was your initial goal in bringing Girl Rising to your school?

I started a gender equality club with a friend. Our first agenda item for the club was showing the movie Girl Rising to the students in my school to spread awareness. We decided that we would show it on March 8th, International Women’s Day. The response blew me away!


How did you use Girl Rising? 

We hosted a screening of the movie on International Women’s Day in our school auditorium. About fifty people showed up and 100+ donated to the cause.

Was there a fundraising component to your event?

Yes, we sold tickets to our student body. Many people also donated even if they couldn’t attend because they believed in the cause. We raised over $2,000 from the screening alone! Our original goal was to reach $500, and we were shocked when it was surpassed. We were ecstatic and felt like this large donation could really make a difference. 

What was the impact of GR on your peers? 

I think it really resonated with my peers. People were shocked at the jarring statistics and the obstacles that the girls had to overcome. The movie did not skirt around any of the issues such as sex trafficking or child marriage. It was hard to hear but I think that’s what makes the stories so compelling. Sometimes it’s hard for American high school students to understand the privilege of their education and I think the movie made students feel really appreciative of what they had. A lot of my peers came up to me and said how the movie put their priorities in perspective. The things we worry about on a daily basis are minuscule compared to the realities of these girls. 

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What was your main takeaway from Girl Rising?

Knowing and understanding are two different things. Of course, I’m aware of all the issues girls face worldwide but it just becomes facts. Child marriage exists. Sex trafficking is a prevalent business in many countries. But these facts don’t resonate when just hearing statistics. This movie shows the stories of girls who have to deal with these horrible conditions. It personalizes the issues and makes them real. Girl Rising is not only a reminder of the hardships girls around the world face but also a point of revelation of how privileged I am just to attend school. 

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