Jamie Schorsch

  • Teacher
  • Subject: Visual Arts
  • School: Oak Hills High School 
  • Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Grade: 9-12 

Jamie had her Drawing and Printmaking students watch Girl Rising and develop narrative images based on one of the chapters. Prior to working on their drawings, students discussed the concepts presented in the film and how they could represent them visually. 

How did you use Girl Rising?

Drawing and Printmaking students worked to create a narrative image based upon one of the story vignettes that they selected Girl Rising. The approach to the rendering style of the project was inspired by contemporary artist Kara Walker. Students studied the approaches taken by Walker in addressing issues of race, sexuality, and gender through her silhouetted forms.

The students went through an extensive planning process involving the deconstruction of concepts addressed by the stories of the girls in Girl Rising into symbolic elements that translated the essence of their journey into a single frame, or image. The compositions the students created demonstrate the unification of their notes and sketches taken during the viewing of Girl Rising, research related to the girls’ stories, and preliminary project planning.

What was the impact of Girl Rising on your students?

The students were really impacted by the project and affected by the girls’ stories. We had some pretty rich discussions following the film. Selected works created by the students were also exhibited at the 15th annual SOS Art Exhibition for Sociopolitical Expressions of Justice and Peace at the Art Academy of Cincinnati alongside the work of professional artists.