Mimi Thompson

  • Student
  • Subject: Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) project
  • Grade: Year Thirteen (equivalent to a senior in a U.S. high school)
  • School: Bangkok Patana School
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Mimi hosted a screening of Girl Rising in her school to inspire her fellow students and teachers. 

What was your goal in bringing Girl Rising to your school?

My goal was to draw awareness to the fact that around the world, 130 million girls are not in school and to encourage people to question what can we, as a community, do to change this. Additionally, I also wanted to tackle the issue of what I felt was a lack of discussion of gender inequality at my school and to try to address this gap. Girl Rising was my opportunity to effect change.

How did you use Girl Rising?

I coordinated a screening of Girl Rising in my school. To promote the screening, I set up a stall at the school clubs fair and spoke about the motivation behind the film and why everyone should be encouraged to see it. The screening of Girl Rising prompted a larger conversation around girls education and empowerment. As a response to seeing the film, we had students request to show Girl Rising to their entire year group and teachers began to incorporate these stories into their curriculum and classroom discussions.

What was your main take away from Girl Rising?

I have learned from engagement and perseverance that without a true connection to a cause, change will not be implemented. However, by creating these connections, personally and on a widespread scale, the possibilities for positive changes are endless.