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& Educator Tools

Bring the unforgettable stories of Girl Rising to your classroom


Use Girl Rising’s educational tools to encourage your students to think about important political, cultural, economic, geographical and gender issues. Engage them in meaningful conversations about their roles as global citizens and their responsibilities to their own communities.


The Girl Rising curriculum – for upper elementary, middle and high schools – is dynamic, empowering and adaptable. Aligned to U.S. Common Core standards and created in partnership with the Pearson Foundation, it is designed to encourage critical thinking and can be used to teach subjects ranging from language arts to social studies and math. Teach directly from the materials, enhance an existing lesson plan, or build a new unit. 

  • Teacher's Guides

  • Country and Issue Fact Sheets

  • New: Brave Girl Rising Module

It Includes:

  • Project-based Lesson Plans

  • Six Free Video Chapters

  • Financial Empowerment Module

  • Assessment Tool


The Young Adult Book

Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time stands alone or as a powerful complement to the film. It illuminates the film's featured stories, and those of other girls we met during the production process.

Buy the book here, download the Teacher's Guide here, and explore foreign language editions here.

Paperback version coming September 24th, 2019:

  • New foreword by David Oyelowo

  • Updated statistics

  • Updates about the girls in the film

Preorder here.


Educator Edition DVD

This package includes the full Girl Rising film subtitled in seven languages, video extras, a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide and the rights to screen the film in an educational setting in perpetuity.

Available here


Skype in the Classroom

We are using the latest Skype technology to inspire the next generation of global citizens by virtually connecting with classrooms around the world.

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