I Am a Girl

This piece of poetry is a submission to the Girl Rising Champions of Change Challenge, presented by HP. Learn more about the contest here

I'm a girl and I am proud because God made me in a unique way...

He used the antics of a monkey

The song of a bird

The stubbornness of a mule

The spryness of a grasshopper

The curiosity of a cat

The speed of a gazelle

The shyness of a fox and

To top it all He adds the softness of a kitten.

The growth of a home, community and a Nation largely depends on the activities, or in activities of the women therein. The burden of upbringing rests on their shoulders.

I am of the opinion that we have more women raised to be wives than boys raised to be husbands, thanks to parents who find nothing wrong in perpetuating cultures and traditions. A culture that only reminds girls that one day they will be wives and fails to remind the boys that they will one day be husbands.

I am a girl, I was born to be a mother. I and my likes turned to women are the sources through which boys and girls exist on this beautiful earth. I have the responsibility of bringing amazing kids to the world, they have to have the ability to raise the best  and to do that, i need to be educationally and morally stable to build such discipline in them too, and I also have to strengthen my relationship with God because He is the source of all successes. This, I have to learn to transfer to my generations to come to make them great.  I am a star who shines on all..

My status as a girl throughout world history is closely related to the status of women in all cultures.

I live in a local neighborhood in Kano. A neighborhood where girls work very hard to make ends meet, only to end up in a husband's house because of the strong regards for culture and strong values.

It is a neighborhood where people don't really believe a good education is the ultimate key to success, but my family being very supportive, I got one. Sometimes, I felt intimidated by the society.

My parents, everyday, made me feel I could do anything as a girl child, I could become a lawyer, a banker, an accountant and even a doctor, but only if I worked hard in school. At times i had doubts because I felt intimidated seeing my friends getting married every weekend but then I was of the strong belief that marriage has never hindered any woman's success, for example The prophets wife, Nana Khadija, wife of the president of the US Michelle Obama, the Nigerian first lady, Aisha Buhari and Hillary Clinton who is currently contesting for presidency in the US, those are my motivations.

I had to make my parents proud, I have seen it again and again that what they always told me was true, that I could lift my sights to do anything I could imagine, achieve a lot, and even as a girl, I could shine like a star for generations to come.

I am of the firm belief that Indiscrimination will make the world a balanced place to live in without feeling any less as a girl.

I am girl, a sister, a daughter, a mother, a friend and a wife but above all, I am human. I am proud of me. Girls run the world, with courage, confidence, prayers and passion, we will all get there...... Someday!!

- Hassan Hussena Adam

Sara Hubbard