Africa Education and Leadership Initiative: Bridging Gender Gaps Through Education

The creative story below is about how a group that someone is part of takes action to create change for girls and women. It was submitted to the Girl Rising Champions of Change Contest, powered by HP. Being featured on this site does not mean that an individual is a contest finalist. All artwork is the property of the original creator.

"My hero is Anita Henderlight. She is director of an NGO in South Sudan that supports refugee girls education. Anita is FEARLESS and doggedly optimistic. She is the sole bright star which has kept this organization ( going through war and famine for over a decade. and so incredibly devoted to helping refugee girls in South Sudan. If you look at the website for the organization she founded you will see the enormity of what she has accomplished. Because of the most recent civil war in South Sudan she successfully relocated girls from Yei, South Sudan to refugee camps in Uganda where they are now getting an education. This was no easy task, as the town became a rebel stronghold and girls risked rape and murder in trying to get out. But she managed to organize convoys of trucks, armed trucks. She has lived and worked in South Sudan despite the violence doggedly being a mother to the girls at the schools where she pays their tuition. She also built a boarding school for refugee girls in Yei (now closed because of violence). She is an unsung hero for sure and no one deserves this honor more than Anita!"



Sara Hubbard