Everybody Needs Science

The creative story below is about how a group that someone is part of takes action to create change for girls and women. It was submitted to the Girl Rising Champions of Change Contest, powered by HP. Being featured on this site does not mean that an individual is a contest finalist. All artwork is the property of the original creator.

Young girls from Rural India opt out of attending day schools, to contribute in livelihood generation activities or to take care of their younger siblings when their parents are out for work. As a social worker, I have been traveling across Rural India to work with these young girls to enable them to be scientific explorers. Over the past 2 years, I have been developing a contextualized curriculum that utilizes locally sources materials to deliver strong hands-on activities. These activities are delivered in the community contributed spaces that let us conduct sessions in the late evening. Through these activities I envision to not just instill scientific temper but, also enable them to be leaders of tomorrow. The sessions are conducted in a way that learn to express and develop strong communication and leadership skills. 

In the attached pictures, you can see that my children from Tharon, a remote village in Manipur, India, have begun to be explorers. They are utilizing the scientific tools and resources to the fullest to learn about their environment and to communicate their learnings. 

Prayag Ichangimath

Tilonia, Rajasthan, India


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Sara Hubbard