The Coder Girls Initiative

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Since 2015, the Coder Girls Initiative led by the Women Development Society (WODES) has worked to increase the inclusion of young women and girls in the fields of science and technology. Based in Kathmandu, Nepal, the Initiative offers week to month-long intensive training programs to introduce participants to the basics of coding and robotics. 

Beyond coding, it demonstrates the potential of girls in all fields and builds their confidence for both education and employment opportunities. Currently, only 24% of students enrolled in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) university programs are female. The Coder Girls Initiative seeks to challenge the social norms that inhibit young girls from entering the field by providing them the opportunity to expand their skills, learn about their capabilities and spearhead change in their communities. While the training program allows participants to develop competencies in STEM, it also empowers them to reflect on their actions to use their knowledge and skills in such a way that takes into account social, cultural, environmental and economic impacts. 

Husna Sarwar

Kathmandu, Nepal


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Sara Hubbard