Women's Rights House NGO

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The following story is about my past and future...

When I was married I was subjected to domestic violence, but when I liberated myself, I decided to help other women to protect all women to defend their rights. 
Then I became a freelance trainer on topics of women`s rights, domestic violence, Femicide, gender equality, children`s rights and so on...
Also, I am a founder of a Women`s Rights House NGO in Armenia, which is new but has done lots of small projects. The main goals are:

-Women`s rights and domestic violence,
-Women`s education and
-Women in politics.

The Women’s Rights House was founded in 2017. The aim of the organization is to achieve the realization of human rights, dissemination of legal knowledge throughout Armenia, protection of human rights, support the development of civil society and the democratic system and to promote the development of the community.

My mission is to give my efforts and to defend women`s rights and raise our voices. 

We have conducted training, meetings and different events and projects.
All projects were implemented with our own financial resources.

If you want to change something, then change it!

I can`t see me anywhere else.

Karine Davtyan

Yerevan, Armenia

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