In My Hand-Bi Ideh

The creative story above is about an individual's action to create change for girls and women. It was submitted to the Girl Rising Champions of Change Contest, powered by HP. Being featured on this site does not mean that an individual is a contest finalist. All artwork is the property of the original artist.

As part of the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at the Lebanese American University (LAU) efforts to engage youth as champions for gender equality, IWSAW released an animated song on gender equality – “In My Hand”, Bi Ideh in Arabic. This is a lighthearted approach to a challenging issue in the region in order to address issues of equality, rights, and representation. The song is in Arabic with English subtitles. It includes both a male and a female in order to convey the message of partnership built on equality. The song begins with the female voice who asks: To all those who dictate rules, a letter I write, Whom do I address to talk about this plight? Government? Society? My parents or my neighbors? Or all of them combined, perhaps; all the decision makers. The male and female voice both join forces to argue for change: When insults are our facts to face, And inhuman deeds burdens to brace
If you’ve seen injustice and you did not move, Then through the years, what will improve? Bi Ideh is a powerful statement led by youth from the Arab region that addresses gender equality in a positive way to advance our efforts regionally-and globally-for women’s rights, equality, social justice.

Iwsaw Lau

Beirut, Lebanon

Sara Hubbard