Our life, Our hope, Our freedom, Our peace, Our unity

The creative story above is about an individual's action to create change for girls and women. It was submitted to the Girl Rising Champions of Change Contest, powered by HP. Being featured on this site does not mean that an individual is a contest finalist. All artwork is property of the original artist.

1 - My drawing used 3 techniques: acrylic painting, wooden pens and pencils. My art shows that my punishment does not end when I leave prison, but it ends when people stop seeing me as a prisoner. 
2 - After the trouble I was able to adapt to the life of the prison despite the difficulty and managed to draw me smile on my face, but after I find it difficult to return to my life, people look at me harder than the years of my prison .. 
3 - Also, the more we try to return to our lives, the more we have to leave. Are we no longer a place in your society?
4- The origin of tolerance, coexistence and peace is that we can live with all races and races despite their different color, language and religion, so that our images reflect our unity.

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Hanae Bakali Kasmi

Tetouan, Morocco

Sara Hubbard