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In Memory of Sydney Tedone

Thank you for helping us fulfill Sydney's dream and continue her legacy.

With your contribution, Girl Rising is reimagining their film, and the new film will honor Sydney’s memory.

The film team at Girl Rising will be updating statistics, creating new film cuts of various lengths, repurposing existing material, translating the new version into nine languages and enabling wider distribution than ever before.

The result will be a greater reach and more lives changed around the world.

Sydney first saw the Girl Rising film in 2014, and it sparked something in her. It gave her an idea, a sense of meaning and purpose, a feeling of inspiration, and a channel for her own innate and extraordinary empathy. The film gave her a focus and imbued her with a hard-to-explain confidence and power in wanting to help those less fortunate.

We have no doubt that Sydney’s story will inspire students and activists across the U.S. and the entire world to see themselves as changemakers, problem solvers, and partners in the vital effort to advocate for girls' education.

For details on this project and how we plan to honor Sydney, please click here. If you would like to make a donation via wire transfer or check, directions are available here.