Video Overview

A great story, told well, can change the way you see the world and your place in it. That’s the kind of spark that ignites action and drives change. We’ve been told time and again that one of our most valuable contributions to the global girls’ movement is our storytelling. And we marry our stories with tools that enable people to raise money for their organizations and advance their advocacy for on-the- ground programs that change girls’ lives.

Our content includes new versions of the Girl Rising film, additional short films, behind-the-scenes videos and shareable social media photography and messaging videos that can all be localized to further get out the message.

The hope is that the guidelines found in this document will enable production partners around the world to localize the Girl Rising content by swapping out music, re-voicing, and making calls-to-action while still preserving the look, feel, and message of the united global campaign.

Girl Rising, the feature-length film, is broken into nine stories, allowing you to extract a single chapter or even edit several chapters together to create a “custom cut.” Many of our partners have found these custom cuts to be powerful and extremely effective, especially when there are time constraints for their screenings. Custom cuts also allow our partners to choose chapters based on the barrier the girl faces (early marriage, indentured servitude, gender violence, etc.) and create a piece that will have the biggest impact for their event or campaign.

The creation of new video content is always welcome if it follows our philosophy. In the Video Style Guide you’ll find our video tech specs, templates, bumpers, font guidelines, and more to help package the content in a way that is consistent with our brand.