Northern Nigeria

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, is home to the largest number of out-of-school children in the world. In some northern states, only 22% of girls complete primary school, less than 33% can read a sentence, and over half will be married by age 16. Girl Rising’s Nigeria campaigns engage community stakeholders at all levels: building an enabling environment for girls, reducing discriminatory practices such as violence and forced marriage, and promoting equal financial investment in girls’ and boys’ education.


Mass Media

Da Bazar Mu… is an original Hausa video series that combines the power of local stories with the original Girl Rising film. It pairs six true-life stories of girls from northern Nigeria with six stories from Girl Rising.

This highlights the universality of the challenges girls often face, as well as their resilience and power to overcome them. Da Bazar Mu…broadcast on Satellite and State TV stations in northern Nigeria, reaching a viewing area of over 10 million. Interactive voice calling during the TV broadcast provided provide insight into viewer’s reactions and opinions.


Community Based Programming

Da Bazar Mu… and related educational tools are integrated into community-led initiatives such as weddings, name day celebrations, and school management meetings. As the materials build awareness, we’ve seen amazing results – from 500 out-of-school girls enrolled within the first 5 months, workshops designed to re-energize educators and leaders as equality advocates, and parents who decide to end the tradition of early marriage in their families.

The videos were approved by Kano State Universal Basic Education Board for use in primary schools and are reaching thousands of women and out-of-school youth through Women’s Empowerment Centers.


Advocacy and Government Engagement

Change happens at all levels, which is why Da Bazar Mu… is used at high-level advocacy meetings, conferences and workshops for policy makers, community leaders, journalists and university students.

With our Hausa language modules now complete, Girl Rising media and educational tools have potential for ongoing scale throughout the region.

Much of our work in northern Nigeria was made possible by USAID through ENGAGE (Empowering Next Generations to Advance Girls’ Education), a public-private partnership designed to close gender gaps and improve girls' lives.