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Our film focuses on educating girls in the developing world as a critical step in ending extreme poverty, but we also believe that education is a meaningful investment in creating change everywhere. We motivate passionate advocates to stand up, speak out and lead change in their own communities.


In Classrooms

6,000+ educators around the world have registered to use Girl Rising's tools in their classroom. Our pilot programs are reaching 1,300+ students in Houston, Tampa, New York City and Quincy, Massachusetts.

Though teachers use GR in different ways, our goal remain standard: engaging, energizing and motivating young people to see beyond their borders, value their education, understand their rights and believe in their capacity to change their lives, communities, and even the world. Our online portal of case studies is designed to provide inspiration and spark teacher-to-teacher conversations.

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Corporate Partnerships

Companies all over the world are taking action: hosting GR screenings at corporate headquarters, offering pro bono expertise, and sponsoring GR's social action campaigns and programs. For example, Accenture screened the film at several regional offices and community theaters. Girl Rising's CEO Christina Lowery also joined a global meeting of executives to introduce the film and campaign. Furthermore, Accenture's Life Sciences group chose Girl Rising as the centerpiece to their Global Citizenship Initiative, where teams worked on a pro-bono project to identify innovative solutions to disseminating GR material and information across India. 

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social action campaigns

We collaborate with partners to launch social action digital media campaigns that get audiences talking and taking action in support of girls' education and empowerment. For example, with former First Lady Michelle Obama, we launched the #62MillionGirls campaign, creating 1 billion+ social media impressions in the first three days. Participants included Stephen Colbert, BeyoncĂ© and Bono and over 248,000 stories were shared. And, following the Girl Rising film's premiere donations from viewers totaled over $2.2 million, distributed among our original impact partners for girls’ education and related programs around the world. 

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Join the movement.